Then there you were again.

Years ago it was planted.

Time made you more beautiful so we can flower together now



Go be free little bird.  

Thank you for trying to sing the tune like me.

I understand now. You aren’t yet there. Do what you need to.

I can’t wait to dance if you cannot yet sing.  

take what you need from my song.

you need it more than me.  

my composition is complete and has been for moons 




they planted their roses all over the world 

they had no home.  

They needed a walled garden of their own.  



Freedom after the pruning. 

You loved the tree. You gave it all. 

But with it gone, you’re about explode.  

Wait till you see it.  

The explosion 

The bloom of you.  



To lose a flower from the same stem.  

How sad. As buds we bloomed.

All the flora now will be candle lit. 

each petal can now see that it’s ok to feel.  

dont listen to the others





I’m happy for you to laugh, I want that for you little seedling. 

Laugh and laugh at the old tree trunk and his words and faith in you.  

You grow from it my love.  

Giggle till you see how little there is to laugh about.  



as the storm passes, clarity of clear air. 

Now is the time to dance. Not in the rain  

you need the storm to grow.  

But the still to florish.  

You knew  



He revealed his secrets to a fruitful garden.  

It bothered you.  

No roots  

you can copy his hard work  

but the garden will always be his  



I see the odd little thing.  

Catching your eye in the pastel boarders.  

The strange bold colour.  

They will all call you crazy.  

You’re just true  

and the only thing anyone can see in a world of the everyday.  

let them judge from their desire to be as interesting  

-always crazy  


Smile at them like a rose does to everyone who passes by. They smile at even a scowl  

Give them joy of your scent when they come for you because of their own sadness. They think you’re weak. We flowers know beauty is strong. the strong flower sees the weak yet loud weed. 

It scares them and makes them want to pull you up.  

Shower their venom with your powerful, truthful beauty. Overflowing heart  

for they attack because they know you have what they so desperately want.  

Inner truth that is visible also 

-bless them  


Your mean swipes.  

I’ll drown them in petals and flower heads   



You like a taller stem? A prosperous one too


I like a flower that can give themselves to me. Bloom with exploration as passion.  

So does everyone else. 

Free your bloom from shame  



Don’t let yourself not cry over the seed you planted whitering.  

It didn’t die, it was killed.  

You let it believe in your water. 

You had not had water for it for a long time. 

-self excusing  


The bud in your chest is strong.  

It can only do so much.  

its up to you to force growth upon it.  




It’s ok to want your blossoms at home again in your heart.  

Its fine to know you needed them to be stronger and give your eyes more beauty Then they could.  

You had the scent and you had them promising you it all. Promising their fruit.  

The frost comes when it comes. sadly, sometimes earlier than expected. Hurts when you have worked so hard.

Its ok to realise some petals can’t last forever and some branches can’t carry the bloom they wanted to so dearly.



The tree doesn’t hold on to it’s seeds.   

They have to fly. 




love, like there’s nothing else 

a seed does not think about leaning toward the sun.  



The garden will never learn to become beautiful if you find pruning and maintaining it too much of a chore.  

you will never have a garden.  



The bird sees the berries in the summer

and does not judge when they’re gone.  

He flys away only to come back and enjoy them when it’s warm.  



You just needed tenderness.  

A caring drench of love.  

Even the tired hand can give when it wants it’s flower to go to seed.