illustration by @PHILJOHNPERRY

illustration by @PHILJOHNPERRY

Kanis and Wings 


In the land of Aerodolph the mountains floated above the clouds and the streams and rivers leapt from one high peak to another. The people lived in nest like structures that leant against the rocks balancing perfectly at dizzy heights with utter ease. They were made of branches, feathers and held together with the disused webs of the lands giant spiders. The family’s adorned their homes with little glowing lanterns that were filled with the water from the floating streams and rivers. For the waters in Aerodolph ran thick with little shrimp like creatures that glowed brightly in all the colours of the rainbow. The little shrimps were proud when they were collected to adorn the people’s homes and when they were placed in the water filled lanterns they glowed brighter then ever before. So when dusk arrived and the moons of the land took over from the star that lit the land throughout the day every inch of the peaks glittered in the luminous colours produced by these wonderful creatures. So even when darkness grew across the land it was never truly dark in Aerodolph.

Although these beautiful glowing creatures were magnificent they were not the most magnificent of all the creatures that called Aerodolph home. For the people of this place were unique from any other.Aerodolphs people were at least eight foot tall and there eyes shone vivid lilac their skin was porcelain white with shimmering silver veins that captured every ray of light as they spun and soared in the wind. For the people of Aerodolph were born with not only lilac eyes they were made not for the land but for the skies.

They were born from blue eggs that were lovingly cared for by their parents and after three hundred moons had passed through the night skies of Aerodolph the eggs would hatch and the new inhabitants of this wonderful land were born. They were born with magnificent wings that stretched six foot in width from birth and grew quickly as each day passed.

The wings were strong and powerful and festooned with brilliant white feathers that slotted perfectly together in arches that reached out from the creature’s backs.

For the first few days of life the new creatures flew on their parents backs gently raising their young wings in anticipation and practice for their first flight. Flying and soaring through the sky was not a talent of the people of Aerodolph it was innate, and as much a necessity as the very air they had to breath. Then after gliding on theirparents backs flapping and sometimes gliding just above, one by one the youngsters leapt from the safe embrace of their parents and took to the skies alone. This first flight was the beginning of their lives in the sky. They only ever rested on the rocks to sleep and when the time came for these youngsters to create their own nests and have families of there own.

One night high in Aerodolphs rocky peaks four eggs began to nudge and crack under the protection of their parents out splayed wings. The lilac eyes of the doting parents shone brighter then the lanterns that adored this nest. Full of love and anticipation they waited as the eggs began to quiver and crack. One by one the eggs hatched......  


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